About Us

Make your house a home and brighten up your boring walls!

Print Punk Studio is the culmination of decades of art industry knowledge, education, experience, and general doggedness.

It comprises of 2 individuals – Becky and Tom. A duo who have collaborated and worked together on commercial artwork, ever since they first met 20 years ago. Their designs and artwork have been sold by just about every major retailer in the UK. Their work has also featured in many international collections and stores.

Becky and Tom are total polar opposites, but when it comes to art… and creativity in general; they bounce ideas off each other, and the pieces they create together are unique – because it’s the combination of ideas and concepts that really make it special.

Based in the gorgeous historic City of York in the North of England, they live with their 2 kids and three cats and a very nervous goldfish.

They are passionate about everything they create.

Abstractism and bold use of colour are at the very core of their work and their Artwork is inspired by Mid Century and Scandinavian design along with Boho and Minimalism.

Their customers are at the absolute core of their work. Becky and Tom always intended to make their art attainable to everybody. Everything they do is done with attention to detail and love.

“I don’t care if you’re a Millionaire art investor, or a person who ‘wants to refresh their interiors’. If you’ve got some wall space, I have a picture for you”



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