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Rainbow Art

Gorgeous Printable Abstract Mixed media Rainbow Art. Enhance your Modern Home with the perfect wall art for any Modern, Minimal or Urban Space.

Created using alcohol inks, our abstract rainbow art collection consists of a variety of colourful art prints that can add a stylish gallery wall to your home. Each piece has been photographed and then made into a digital file for you to download and print.

Our Bestsellers

Discover the perfect piece of modern art for your home from our current bestselling modern prints. All art pieces come complete with free shipping worldwide.

About Print Punk Studio

Good original modern art paintings are well executed, tasteful, and visually striking. Great art, however, embodies all of the above, as well as being bolstered by a strong foundation of passionate creativity and motivation. As such, what begins with an inspired artist naturally belongs in the eager hands of whoever connects to it. The distinction between good and great is, very often, most noticeable in the outcome.

Becky and Tom – the driving duo behind Print Punk – have spent the last 20 whirlwind years putting together remarkable, eye-catching art. Their inspiration ranges from abstract art prints, boho, mid-century and Scandinavian design, all played out in vivid technicolour. As a result, their affordable prints have been distributed by major UK retailers as well as on a variety of stores on the online marketplace. 

As partners, Becky and Tom would describe themselves as opposites, and these opposites merge to create incredible and extremely original modern painting. Becky has her commercial art roots in the film and animation industry, while Tom’s is in limited edition fine art photography. Their differences in a professional context come together to make their work truly special. Looking through their gallery, the attention to detail and love is plainly apparent in each piece, all of which have an extremely affordable price point.

Abstract Modern Art Print from Print Punk Studio

Becky and Tom enjoy creating on their own terms, yet they love to make art for the public. Imagery and design have been intrinsic to their entire adult lives and they want to share that joy with anyone who appreciates it. Having direct contact with the people interested in their art also helps focus and inspire this creative tour de force toward further unique, exciting ideas.

Based in the historic British city of York, the duo live with their two children, three cats, and a goldfish. The pair will also freely admit that their family and home is the very root of their prolific vision, and the main motivation in their endeavors. Becky and Tom work together in a purpose-built studio in York, challenging one another to grow and develop their craft, and the results of such a proactive partnership are clear.

What’s more, the vibrant colours and stunning composition of each piece brings extra character and interest to whatever collection they’re added to, or the spaces they decorate, whether that be a stylish living room or a relaxing bedroom. 

Ultimately, each piece transmits the same feeling of life and realistic depictions of subjects to those lucky enough to lay their eyes (and hands) on one of Becky and Tom’s fantastic works. You will always find modern art that inspires and pops with Print Punk, and is the first step in creating the perfect decor style within your home or workplace.

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